Bronte Stone, PH. D.

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IVF Lab Director in Los Angeles, CA

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Dr. Bronte Stone is the technical director of our IVF laboratory and of Reproductive Technology Laboratories, a licensed clinical laboratory and tissue bank serving more than 300 physicians in fertility-related specialties in California and throughout the country.

After obtaining his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in agriculture, and then a Ph.D. in Medicine, Dr.Bronte Stone joined California Fertility Partners in 1986 to establish its research and clinical laboratories. Dr. Stone is certified with the American Board of Bioanalysts as a director of laboratories performing high complexity clinical testing, and oversees a team of technicians and scientists who perform routine clinical testing as well as research in all elements of the assisted reproductive technologies.

Over the past thirty years, Dr. Stone has published extensively in scientific areas ranging from animal nutrition, genetics and reproduction, to the immunology, endocrinology and physiology of early pregnancy. Dr. Stone is actively involved in ongoing research projects and represents California Fertility Partners through publication and presentation of results at national and international meetings. He actively maintains many research interests, and is currently focused on early implantation and the impact of stimulatory drug regimen on pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Stone is committed to patient and physician education, and serves as a valuable resource for updates in this constantly evolving area of medicine. Dr. Stone and the talented IVF laboratory team take much pride in the growth of Reproductive Technology Laboratories as a sub-specialty referral center for other clinical laboratories, universities, and many fertility specialists nationwide.

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