Recurrent Miscarriage

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Recurrent Miscarriage

This information is important to know so that you do not feel alone and frustrated. The vast majority of early miscarriages are due to genetic abnormities in the fetus, nature’s way of sorting out viable fetuses. It is not something you did or did not do. Miscarriages before 10 weeks are likely due to genetic… Read more


Asherman’s Syndrome Explained

Asherman’s Syndrome Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Options Intrauterine scarring, a condition commonly called Asherman’s Syndrome, is being diagnosed with increasing frequency.  Although its most common antecedent factors is a curettage performed because of a miscarriage, pregnancy termination or heavy bleeding following a delivery, any uterine surgery can lead to intrauterine adhesions (IUA).  Most women with… Read more


Egg Freezing | Fertility Preservation

This egg freezing video illustrates the egg vitrification process.  Eggs are frozen by “fast freeze” or vitrification.  As the technology for egg freezing was being developed, the greatest barrier to high survival rates of freezing eggs was the water content of eggs.  Ice crystals which formed during the freezing process could potentially fracture the eggs… Read more

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