Fertility Consultants

We help coordinate every aspect of your care

Concierge Service

California Fertility Partners has established an international reputation for providing personalized, comprehensive fertility care.  Our staff is very experienced in coordinating consultations, medical record reviews, and translators for our patients from around the globe.

Many of our international patients find it helpful to work with a local fertility consultant to provide an overview of the process from initial consultation to bringing the baby home, and obtaining all the legal documents.

We have worked with the following consultants who can help facilitate your treatment process.


DiYi Consulting:  UsdyTony@hotmail.com
US-Sino Infertility Bridge Co, Ltd:  USIB@infertilitybridge.com, www.infertilitybridge.com
Bio Best:  Limengivf@hotmail.com


Surrogacy Management:  Neven@surrogacymanagement.com, www.surrogacymanagement.com
VDA Fertility Consulting:  Sebastian@vientredealquiler.com, www.vientredealquiler.com

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