The Seed Fertility Program

Increase your success rate by taking a more proactive approach

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The Seed Fertility Program is an online course endorsed by California Fertility Partners that will teach you how to optimize your fertility experience.

Using a self-study approach that incorporates the best dietary information available and emotional guidance for each day of a fertility cycle, you will learn how to support yourself using two concepts: “Fertile Foods” and “Fertile Thoughts”.

Inside The Seed Program  you will find instructions about specific foods to eat each day that support your egg development and uterine lining, as well as food suggestions for your partner to considerably improve your chance of success.

You will also find specific guidance on how to navigate the IVF protocol, particularly what to eat in order to prepare for and recover from the egg retrieval, and how to best prepare yourself mentally and physically for the embryo transfer.

The Seed Program has been a collaborative effort between Well Women Acupuncture and CFP since 2010. Seed is a tribute to the late Dr. Joyce Vargyas, a CFP physician and visionary who believed that subtle shifts in thinking and eating, when coupled with high-tech fertility protocols, have the power to drastically improve success rates and the overall experience of fertility.

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SEED Participants’ Testimonials

“Our doctor recommended the Seed program to us after 4 years of trying and 3 unsuccessful IVFs. It worked five months later…now we are 11 weeks pregnant! We are forever grateful to Danica and the Seed program!”
-E.R., Age 35, Los Angeles, CA

“Being diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at 27 years old was shocking and devastating. The Seed program was the only thing that allowed me to cope with my diagnosis and continue to live with positivity and hope.”
-S.B., Age 32, Seattle, WA

“The Seed Program was the best thing to come out of my experience dealing with infertility. It changed my experience from sadness and anger to an experience of growth and personal development.”
-J.C., Age 33, Malibu, CA

“At a time of such uncertainty, when so many things feel out of your control, SEED provides the information, structure and compassion you need. It is the perfect companion for your fertility journey.”
-W.F., Age 41, Los Angeles, CA

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