Medical Indications

Egg freezing for cancer patients

Fertility Preservation in Los Angeles, CA

Over 50,000 reproductive-aged women are diagnosed with cancer annually in the United States. Women who are diagnosed with treatable malignancies that will require chemotherapeutic and/ or radiation treatments may consider egg freezing to preserve their fertility. Some chemotherapeutic and radiation regimens are toxic to ovaries and destroy eggs. It is therefore important that eggs are harvested and stored before cancer treatments are initiated if time permits and your oncologists approve. In the setting of a newly-diagnosed cancer, eggs are frozen as a medical emergency to minimize any delay of cancer treatments.

Another example of a medical indication would be a woman who requires surgical removal of her ovary(ies) for benign indications. Again, if her surgeon approves, eggs are retrieved and frozen to preserve future fertility. Women, with a strong family history of premature ovarian failure (premature menopause), who are at risk of losing their fertility at an earlier age may also consider egg freezing to preserve their fertility.

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