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What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a treatment option in which embryos created by IVF are transferred into the uterus of a woman genetically unrelated to the embryos. Surrogacy may be used for women without a functional uterus; for women with underlying medical problems which could cause great risk to mother or baby during pregnancy; for women with history of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause; and when used in conjunction with donor eggs, to allow conception for gay individuals and couples.

Gestational Surrogacy Process

The medical principles used in this treatment process are the same as those used in donor egg cycles with embryo transfer into the recipient’s uterus. The woman producing the eggs undergoes an IVF cycle. At the same time, the gestational carrier prepares her uterus for conception with estrogen and progesterone. The eggs are retrieved through a simple outpatient surgical procedure under light anesthesia.

The eggs are fertilized and embryos cultured for several days. On the day of transfer, the embryos with the highest pregnancy potential are placed in the uterine cavity of the gestational carrier. The number of embryos transferred depends on the age of the woman producing the eggs and the quality of the cultured embryos. The pregnancy rates with gestational surrogacy depend primarily on the age of the woman providing the eggs. In cases utilizing donor egg and gestational surrogacy, a situation with both optimal egg and uterine factors, the success rates are among the highest possible in reproductive medicine today with pregnancy rates of 75-80% and delivery rates over 60%.

Partnership with surrogacy agencies

We have established relationships with several of this country’s most highly regarded surrogacy agencies. The surrogacy agency conducts the initial recruitment and screening of potential surrogates, provides legal referrals and offers administrative assistance during the process. Our physicians perform an extensive medical screening exam to confirm a candidate’s adequacy for surrogacy. After passing both medical and psychological screening exams, a gestational carrier is available to be matched. Once the agency has matched a couple or individual with a gestational carrier and all contracts have been signed, medical treatment begins. Prior to delivery of the child, the surrogacy attorney files a declaration with the State Courts defining that the legal parents are the biological or intended parents and not the gestational carrier. California Fertility Partners has helped hundreds of patients from all over the world become parents through gestational surrogacy.

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