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“When I told friends and family I was planning to become a (single) parent, their response was overwhelmingly positive; and observed how courageous I was being. The truth is: I got my strength for the journey, and beyond, from Dr. Ringler. He gave me, my egg donor and surrogate good advice, respect and kindness at every step. Dr. Ringler is a superb professional who makes the dream of parenthood and family come true with grace and thoughtfulness. I will always be grateful to Dr. Ringler and his brilliant team.”
— H.C.
“At 35 years old, my body was not happy to produce the same size eggs for my egg retrieval. Dr. Baek was so patient. Today, we have 2 beautiful children (twins) and could not imagine our life without them. We are thankful to Dr. Baek every day.”
— R.C.
“Dr. Chung is truly an incredible physician and fertility doctor. She took us through our entire fertility journey and now I am pregnant with a baby boy. She was our cheerleader and gave us hope when we were down (which is inevitable during this process), but was always realistic and provided us with detailed information about our status and the best next step. Overall there is no one I would recommend more. She is compassionate, thoughtful, experienced, well versed in her field, thorough, pragmatic, and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fertility doctor.”
— D.L.
“My husband and I are forever grateful to Dr. Guy Ringler and his incredible team at California Fertility partners. Coming to terms with fertility roadblocks can be extremely stressful and disheartening. Dr. Ringler and his team consistently provided the knowledge, patience, and reassurance we needed during a challenging time. We felt safe and secure, and now have the most wonderful success story to share.”
— T.W.
“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Chung and her team. After 6 cycles, 3 transfers, and a miscarriage, my husband and I are finally having a baby boy! Throughout this process, Dr. Chung was exceedingly encouraging, respectful, professional, and kind. I firmly believe that if Dr. Chung would not have empowered me to continue, I would have given up and this little boy would not be. She was knowledgeable and showed us exactly how women of my age need more attempts to reach the goal.”
— R.M.
“I saw Dr. Guy Ringler in 2012 for my IVF transfer as a surrogate. He was fantastic in explaining the whole process so I could understand what was happening with my body. We ended up getting pregnant on the first try with one stellar embryo and baby girl will be 11 months old tomorrow!!!”
— A.G.

“When you’re the best, it can be difficult to see everyone. We had the good fortune to be recommended to Dr. Richard Marrs from our local OB. Prior to meeting Dr. Marrs we had spent 1 year seeing a local fertility doctor without any success, and 2 years seeing a highly recommended doctor in Santa Barbara which resulted, in the end, with a recommendation for a surrogate based pregnancy. Disheartened and demoralized we told our story to my wife’s OB and he told us with our permission he would call a friend and see if he could see us. Fortunately for us after a few months of recovering from our prior news we asked for the recommendation, not realizing who his friend in LA was.

Our first meeting with Dr. Richard Marrs went better than we expected. He told my wife, “I know what is wrong, I see more of these difficult cases than anyone else because they are referred to us and we can get you pregnant”. After an intensive hormone treatment we became pregnant our first time without using IVF. We had difficulties with keeping the child, and over the next 4 years Dr. Marrs helped us figure out why keeping a pregnancy to term was not working for us. Dr. Marrs never gave up on us, and never let us become discouraged. And realize, we traveled 3.5 hours each way almost every week for 4 years to Santa Monica to see him because of his projected confidence we would be successful.

Today we have two healthy happy well adjusted boys, 3 and 6 years old without ever using IVF. We cannot express how deeply indebted we are to Dr. Marrs and the other great doctors and nurses at California Fertility Partners who supported us when we were down, and cheered with us when we reached a new success. Without them we would not be a family.”

— C.S.
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