Gestational Surrogacy

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The physicians at California Fertility Partners have been helping patients have children through surrogacy for over thirty years. We see patients from across the globe who travel to our center for IVF with surrogacy not only for our vast experience but because California is one of the safest places in the world for surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy Process

The medical principles used in this treatment process are the same as those used in donor egg cycles with embryo transfer into the recipient’s uterus. The woman producing the eggs undergoes an IVF cycle. At the same time, the gestational carrier prepares her uterus for conception with estrogen and progesterone. The eggs are retrieved through a simple outpatient surgical procedure under light anesthesia.

California reproductive law is extremely protective of the rights of the intended parents. The names of the intended parents are placed on the baby’s birth certificate whether it’s a heterosexual couple, a single woman, a single man, two lesbian women, or a gay couple. California law recognizes the individuals identified in the surrogacy contract as the legal parents.

Surrogacy can be a viable option for people including: women without a functional uterus; women with a medical disease that would compromise her or the baby’s health during the course of pregnancy; women with multiple failed IVF cycles due to a uterine or systemic factor; women with recurrent pregnancy loss; and for single men or gay men when used in conjunction with donor eggs.

Over the years we have established strong working relationships with the nation’s premier surrogacy agencies. Our mutual goal is to provide our patients with the best medical care and the highest success rates through IVF and surrogacy.

It takes a team of professionals with careful attention to details to carry out these cycles involving multiple individuals: the egg provider, sperm provider, surrogate mother and her partner. The careful attention given by each member of our team, and our decades of experience, enable us to provide our patients the preeminent care and best results possible.

The Gestational Surrogacy Process

The process starts with creation of embryos through IVF. In the majority of cycles we will biopsy the embryos for genetic testing and immediately freeze the embryos for transfer into the surrogate at a later time.

Next, our patients select a surrogate candidate through a surrogacy agency. The surrogate then undergoes extensive medical screening. Once medically cleared, the reproductive attorneys complete contracts between intended parents and surrogate. Once legal clearance is given, medical treatment may begin.

The next step is to plan a frozen embryo transfer into the surrogate. The surrogate is given hormones to prepare her uterus for implantation of the embryo. Once pregnant, the surrogate is followed under our care until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy when she’s referred to an obstetrician for continued medical care until delivery.

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