The Gestational Surrogacy Process

If you or your partner is unable to conceive, a gestational surrogacy offers the opportunity to have a biological child. In a calm, relaxing environment, you will receive state-of-the-art fertility care, at California Fertility Partners. Our doctors are known nationally and internationally for their expertise, high success rates and personalized care; and have helped many gay and straight couples to have their own children through assisted reproductive techniques.

Gestational surrogacy is the process where a woman carries a child for the intended parents. The intended parents are involved in the pregnancy, present at the birth and assume legal custody and parenting immediately after the birth. This method is most often used by infertile couples with uterine problems and same sex couples who desire a biological child.

In-Vitro Fertilization

The pregnancy is achieved through In-Vitro Fertilization. Either the intended mother or a donor provides the eggs. The sperm can come from the intended father or a donor. The surrogate may be a friend or family member, or is found through an agency. Fertility treatments are used to create an embryo from the intended parents or parent with the use of an egg or sperm donor. The child will be biologically related to at least one parent. Once the embryo is created, it is transferred to the surrogate’s womb. The toughest part is waiting to see if a pregnancy results. The success of having a baby via a surrogate is generally dependent on the age of the woman who supplies the egg.

The Process

  • Fertility counseling is required to help the intended parents sort through their emotions and the impact of their relationship with the surrogate.
  • Finding a surrogate may take months. California Fertility Partners has partnered with the top surrogacy agencies in the country. The agency prescreens applicants, offers legal referral, as well as administrative assistance.
  • All three parties will receive medical, genetic and psychological screening. California Fertility Partners conducts a thorough medical examination of the potential surrogate to assure the candidate’s suitability.
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