Elective Indications

Elective Indications for Egg Freezing

Women can preserve their fertility by freezing eggs and/ or embryos (using partner or donor sperm to fertilize their eggs) based on their age, ovarian reserve, and fertility goals. Women, oftentimes, will opt for this electively when they are not in a position to conceive presently to pursue educational, career, or other personal goals. The primary predictor of fertility success is the age of the eggs. Fertility success declines with advancing age because there is an increased risk the egg with not be genetically normal. This results in both lower pregnancy rates and higher miscarriage rates. Women who are 40 years old and older have approximately a 90% chance that their eggs may not be genetically normal. Therefore, freezing eggs and/ or embryos present day can be an option to preserve eggs at a younger age for use in the future.

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