Ovarian Stimulation & IUI

One of the initial treatments for unexplained infertility, mild to moderate male factor, cervical problems, and age-related infertility is ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

During the ovarian stimulation & intrauterine insemination treatment regimen, the ovaries are stimulated with clomiphene citrate or gonadotropins (FSH or hMG) to produce several eggs per cycle. When the eggs reach maturity, ovulation is triggered by either an endogenous LH surge or by an injection of hCG. Approximately 36 to 42 hours later, near the time of ovulation, a prepared sperm sample is placed into the upper uterine cavity via a narrow catheter.

This treatment regimen increases the chance for pregnancy by increasing the number of eggs released per cycle, by increasing the number of sperm that reach the upper reproductive tract, and by correcting occult ovulatory defects in the natural cycle. If pregnancy ensues, it usually occurs within the first three treatment cycles.

“They were there every necessary moment and after IUI #2 we have a healthy baby boy on the way. We are forever grateful for the expertise of Dr. Marrs and professional staff.”
— Amanda H.
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