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Male Factor Infertility Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

The treatment of male factor infertility depends on the severity of the defect. For couples with a mild decrease in sperm number or function, intrauterine insemination (IUI) may allow conception to occur. Male infertility treatment is often used in conjunction with ovarian stimulation to increase the number of eggs released. The pregnancy rate will depend on both the age of the woman producing the eggs and the severity of the sperm problem.

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For more severe sperm abnormalities of concentration, motility, or shape, fertilization is best assisted through direct sperm injection (ICSI). This technique has been used in human IVF since the early 1990s. ICSI has dramatically changed the treatment of male factor infertility. The fertilization rates with sperm injection average 70%, regardless of the severity of the male factor. This technique is used for patients with severely depressed sperm parameters; men with absent or blocked vas deferens; in cases where sperm is aspirated directly from the epididymis or testicle; and in patients with low or failed fertilization on prior IVF attempts. The pregnancy rates with ICSI are equivalent to those of couples without male factor infertility and who have standard IVF.

For newly diagnosed male factor patients, we work closely with several specialty trained Infertility Urologists in the Los Angeles area who can conduct a thorough evaluation in attempt to identify the cause of the problem, and offer treatment options.

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