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Free Webinar: LGBTQ+ Family Building

Thursday, July 18 | 11 am - 12 pm PDT

We are excited to invite you to our special LGBTQ+ Family Building Webinar, tailored specifically for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples who are looking to start or grow their families. This informative session will provide valuable insights into various fertility options, including IVF, reciprocal IVF, donor egg options, gestational surrogacy, trans fertility options, and more. Hosted by experts in LGBTQ+ fertility, hear from a reproductive physician, donor egg and gestational surrogacy coordination experts, a specialized attorney, and an insurance expert.

Join us on July 18th at 11:00 AM PDT for a free 1-hour webinar to learn more about LGBTQ+ fertility journeys to parenthood.

What to Expect:

  • Inclusive Family Building Services: Explore a range of options including IVF, IUI, reciprocal IVF, donor sperm, donor eggs, gestational surrogacy, and trans fertility options. Benefit from the specialized services of Pinnacle Egg Bank and Pinnacle Surrogacy, ensuring access to high-quality donor eggs and gestational surrogates.
  • Comprehensive Genetic Testing: Understand how advanced genetic testing can support your journey to parenthood, providing you with crucial information to make informed decisions.
  • Compassionate, Personalized Care: Learn about CFP’s commitment to tailored and empathetic care for every patient, ensuring that all individuals and couples receive the support they need.
  • Dedicated Journey Navigator: Receive personalized guidance every step of the way from our dedicated specialists who understand the nuances of LGBTQ+ family building, including expert legal advice and insurance guidance.
  • Integrated Third Party Services: Benefit from Pinnacle Egg Bank and Pinnacle Surrogacy, our in-house egg bank and gestational surrogacy agency. With Pinnacle Egg Bank and Pinnacle Surrogacy, CFP patients have exclusive access to high-quality gestational surrogates available for expedited matching and high-quality fresh and frozen donor eggs, streamlining these complex steps in the process.
  • Expert-Led Guidance: Our board-certified reproductive physicians, along with expert attorneys and insurance specialists, will guide you through the processes and answer any questions you might have about starting or expanding your family.
  • Expert Panelists:
    Dr. Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners: Board-certified reproductive physician from CFP
    Sarah Bry, Pinnacle Egg Bank & Pinnacle Surrogacy: VP of Third Party Reproduction, Pinnacle Egg Bank and Pinnacle Surrogacy
    Rich Vaughn, ESQ, International Fertility Law: Attorney specializing in parenthood through third-party reproduction and ART services.
    Jason Smith, CEO of IFI - International Fertility Insurance: Insurance expert discussing the intricacies of utilizing insurance for fertility treatments
Why Attend?

Comprehensive Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about the latest fertility treatments and options.
Expert Guidance: Hear from leading professionals in the field of reproductive medicine, legal aspects, and insurance.
Attendees Receive $1,000 Off their IVF Cycle: As an exclusive incentive for our webinar attendees, new patients* will receive a $1,000 credit towards an IVF cycle (must begin treatment within 60 days).

*New patients must have never been seen before at California Fertility Partners and must start treatment within 60 days of attending the webinar.

Presented by Experts in LGBTQ+ Fertility Family Building:

Dr. Guy Ringler, Board-Certified Reproductive Physician at CFP

Dr. Ringler is renowned for his expertise in reproductive medicine, particularly surrogacy and third-party reproduction, attracting patients from across the globe. As one of the first physicians to assist gay men in having babies through egg donation and surrogacy, he is dedicated to helping all members of the LGBTQ+ community build their families.

Sarah Bry, VP of Pinnacle Egg Bank & Pinnacle Surrogacy

Sarah Bry, VP of Third-Party Reproduction has over a decade of experience in health administration. She has successfully integrated regional egg banks into a national program, enhancing protocols for egg donor coordination and surrogacy case management. Sarah’s leadership ensures the highest standards of patient care, guiding intended parents through the complexities of building families via donor egg and surrogacy.

Rich Vaughn, ESQ, International Fertility Law

Rich is a renowned fertility law attorney and founder of the International Fertility Law Group (IFLG), specializing in assisted reproductive technology law. He is a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ intended parents, having helped thousands of individuals and couples build families through egg donation & surrogacy. Rich is an active member of the ABA and the National LGBT Bar Association.

Jason Smith, President of IFI - International Fertility Insurance

Jason Smith is the President and Founder of IFI, specializing in insurance solutions for surrogacy and egg donation journeys. His passion for third-party reproduction stemmed from his own family’s experience with infertility. Since 2014, Jason has focused on providing tailored insurance policies and exceptional customer service to support families through their fertility journeys.

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