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California Fertility Partners have helped patients from all over the world build families through IVF treatments. Although infertility treatments are now offered by physicians in many cities, few practices have the expertise available in our center and have treated IVF Patients Worldwide. California Fertility Partners helped create some of the first IVF babies in the world and is recognized the world over for providing high quality comprehensive medical care in reproductive medicine and IVF treatments.

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Patients start with either an in-person or telephone consultation with one of our reproductive endocrinologists. After a careful review of past medical history and prior treatment cycles, diagnostic tests are ordered, and an individualized treatment protocol is outlined. All international patients are assigned to a private nurse who reviews medication protocols, synchronizes outside monitoring, and facilitates communication among all parties.

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IVF treatment requires careful monitoring by serial ultrasound and blood tests. All procedures can be performed at our center in Los Angeles. If you prefer to shorten your stay in southern California, we can arrange to have the initial testing done at an IVF center close to your home. All outside test results are interpreted by one of our physicians. Medications for the IVF cycle can be shipped directly to you from the U.S., or may be obtained locally.

Since the beginning of our practice nearly forty years ago, we have welcomed patients from around the world seeking the highest quality fertility care. The doctors at California Fertility Partners have established an international reputation for expertise in all areas of reproductive medicine. To meet the needs of our patients we have access to interpreters and translators in all languages, as well as fertility consultants in many countries to assist you in planning your fertility travel plans. Through collaborating IVF centers, we can often arrange to have monitoring tests performed locally prior to your trip to Los Angeles. Through Skype calls, text messaging and emails we can remain in constant communication with our patients and outside monitoring centers throughout the treatment process.

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Please let us know if you would like to have us arrange to have an interpreter present for your appointments.

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