Donna King knows the power of family

Donna King knows personally the importance of family. The nurse brings that to her job at CFP.
"I do believe my life's calling is to help people. That's what I'm here to do."

That’s what has driven the nurse’s 17 years at California Fertility Partners, helping countless people build families they may have once thought impossible.

"Family is really important to me,” she says. “The way I was raised, my values. I feel like sometimes family isn't always blood, and I’m grateful to have a family I consider blood and non-blood. And some people don't have that, or they feel like they can’t have it.”

“As people, we love togetherness and talking and sharing. And everybody needs that. The simple things, just my daughter calling to check in. It's the simple things family provides that we all need in our lives."

Helping people build their family has been one of the driving forces in Donna’s life and her career. Donna first became a Certified Medical Assistant in 1997. And in 2010 she received her License as a Vocational Nurse. Since then she's been on the clinical side of the practice as an IVF and third-party coordinator.

"I haven't looked back since,” she says. “I do believe my life's calling is to help people. That's what I'm here to do."

Of course, finding solutions, and finding consistent success, is a hallmark of Donna’s passion. She says working with Dr. Ringler is a part of the path to success. Dr. Ringler, Donna says, brings a sense of calm and ease to the process that can, at times, seem overwhelming for people.

"Dr. Ringler is one of the calmest people I know,” she says. “Even if there's a challenge he comes up against, he's still calm and composed. Nothing ever ruffles his feathers. You can go to him with anything, any problem, any issue."

Working with the entire staff and partners at California Fertility Partners, Donna says, is a big part of her enjoyment of her job. Yet the most rewarding part of the job for her?

"Seeing the patients when they have success, when they get pregnant, and then after a few months they'll call us and let us know they had their babies, and they are so grateful. For them it's literally life-changing. Sometimes we get caught up in how routine it is for us, but we are changing lives and making dreams come true."

Donna says watching the journey of intended parents to parenthood often makes her emotional.

"Many of these people thought this was never possible, whether they be a same-sex couple, or a single man or a single woman. And to help them see there are alternatives, to give them the family they want and the family they deserve, is rewarding."

She remembers one patient in particular, who lived in Florida. Her journey had many bumps in the road, and there were times when the patient seemed resigned to give up her dream of giving birth. Yet Donna was there the whole way, encouraging her to see the possibility of parenthood and to trust that the team at California Fertility Partners were there to help her cross the finish line.

Donna never met the patient in person -- Their paths never crossed when the patient was in the clinic due to vacations and days off. Yet when the patient gave birth and sent Donna pictures along with a thank you note for her encouragement...

“I still get teary eyed to this day,” Donna says. “I knew how much she had gone through, and I was so happy to be the person who encouraged her and kept her going and asked her to trust us, to trust the process. And now she has a child she never thought she’d see.”

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