This is why I’m hosting a fundraiser to help gay men become dads

by Guy RinglerPosted in LGBT Family BuildingJanuary 6th, 2020

Men Having Babies’ Gay Parenting Assistance Program helps deserving intended fathers have children

When I was in my 20s and 30s, the idea of having children seemed impossible. At the time, we were simply trying to survive the AIDS crisis and a culture that pushed us into the shadows. Building a family of our own? It seemed like generations away.

Today, one of the parts of my work that makes me the most proud is helping gay men and same-sex couples have children. Times have changed since I was of prime parenting age, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the sparkle of possibility in the eyes of these men as they realize their hopes of having a family of their own may be within reach.

It’s in part because of these LGBTQ people having children that our culture has shifted so dramatically and so quickly. As these gay men introduce their family to the local community, people see familiarity in the parents and children. Surrogate mothers across the country – and often in more rural areas – talk about their commitment to bringing the joy of parenthood to gay men.

Our society benefits from LGBTQ people and same-sex couples having children.

Yet the cost of gestational surrogacy can be overwhelming. For gay men that cost can be higher than any other corner of our society. While they can often provide sperm, their wallets need to cover the costs of eggs, a surrogate, lawyers, doctors, psychologists and a host of people who help make the process possible. The cost frankly puts the possibility of having a child out of reach for many gay men and gay couples.

That’s why next month I’m hosting a fundraising event with my husband at my house here in Los Angeles. The proceeds of the event will go to Men Having Babies’ Gay Parenting Assistance Program, which helps deserving intended fathers cover part of the cost of having a child through surrogacy. Men who would otherwise be unable to afford surrogacy – often teachers, social workers, military men, artists, and clergy – apply for a scholarship to help cover the costs of pregnancy, and they’re approved by Men Having Babies based on their need.

If you’ll be in Los Angeles on January 21, please send me an email – – if you have an interest in attending our important fundraiser. And if you cannot attend, you can still help this worthy cause on the Men Having Babies website.

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